Tooth Colored Bonded Fillings in North York, Toronto

Tooth-Colored (or “Natural”) Composite Restorations

Previously, the only way to restore decayed or damaged teeth was with metal or amalgam fillings. However, one issue with these types of fillings is that they are extremely noticeable. Also, many patients would prefer not to have metal or amalgam materials placed into their teeth. Fortunately, as dental technology has continued to improve, we are able to offer another alternative: Bonded fillings.

Unlike metal or amalgam fillings, bonded white fillings contain zero mercury or amalgam. They are made of a composite resin that is tough, durable, and natural looking. Once bonded to your tooth’s structure, these composite restorations restore, strengthen, and protect your tooth from further damage. Bonded fillings can also be custom matched to the natural shade of your tooth which ensures attractive looking results.

Bonded fillings can usually be placed within a single appointment which makes them a popular option for patients. Once the decayed portion is removed, the tooth is cleaned and dried. The composite resin is then applied and molded until the desired shape is achieved. A special UV light is used to create a secure bond between the filling and the tooth. Within an hour, you will have a completely restored healthier tooth.

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Bonded Fillings in North YorkBonded Fillings in North York, Toronto