Dental Crowns in North York, Toronto

One of the most versatile dental restorations is a dental crown. Dental crowns, or dental caps, are frequently employed to treat a wide array of dental problems, such as decay, breakage, cracks, and damage. Besides restoring decayed or damaged teeth, crowns help to strengthen weakened teeth and improve your smile’s overall appearance.

One big difference between dental crowns and bonded fillings is that crowns treat the entire tooth’s visible structure. So unlike fillings, porcelain inlays / onlays, which only treat specific portions of a tooth’s surface, a crown restores the entire visible tooth. As a result, once a crown is placed on a tooth, it essentially provides a protective barrier for the entire tooth. This means that crowns are required when the decay or damage is more serious.

Crowns can come in a variety of types including gold, porcelain/ceramic, or a mixture of these materials. Out of these options, porcelain/ceramic crowns offer the most natural looking results since the material can be matched to the natural shade of your tooth. However, depending on your case, gold alloy or gold/porcelain crowns may be more suitable for you.

Dr. Rick Kochman, North York dentist, will inspect your tooth to determine which crowning option is best for your smile. Contact our practice to set up an appointment today. Our modern practice is relaxing, comfortable, and wheelchair accessible so you can assure that your dental experience will be a smooth and enjoyable.

Dental Crowns in North York, TorontoDental Crowns in North YorkDental Crowns in Toronto