Emergency Dentistry in North York, Toronto

Are you experience excruciating tooth pain? Or did one of your fillings become loose? If so, we can help.

Skymark Dental Centre offers emergency dentistry in the event you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency. We understand that accidents can happen outside of normal office hours so we’re here for you during those times of need.

In the event you’re experiencing a dental emergency, please contact our practice right away to have the matter attended to. If it’s outside of our regular office hours, please contact Dr. Rick Kochman at 416-491-5625.

Here are some of the common dental emergencies that you may experience:

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, rinse with warm water and apply an ice pack or cold compress to the area. You can take a painkiller, such as aspirin, to reduce the pain but you should never apply it directly to the tooth. If the pain continues, see your dentist as soon as you can to have the tooth looked at.

Chipped or Broken Teeth
If your tooth becomes chipped or broken, it can often be saved. Retrieve the chipped or broken section and contact your dentist as soon as possible.

Knocked out tooth
Retrieve the knocked out tooth and rinse the tooth’s root under water to remove any dirt. Be careful not to remove any tissue fragments while rinsing.

Try placing the tooth back into its socket but never try to force it in. If you can’t reinsert the tooth, place it in a small container of milk or mixture of water and salt. See your dentist right away since your highest chances of saving a tooth are when it's reinserted within an hour of being dislodged.

Extruding Tooth
Have the extruding tooth checked by your dentist right away. To reduce the pain, you can take a pain reliever, such as Advil, and apply a cold compress or ice pack to the affected area.

Lost Dental Filling
Apply a piece of chewed, sugarless gum or over-the-counter dental cement to the tooth. Contact your dentist to have the filling replaced.

Lost Dental Crown
Try to reattach the crown to the tooth with an over-the-counter dental cement, toothpaste, or denture adhesive. Never use superglue. You can apply clove oil to the affected tooth if you’re experiencing pain. See your dentist right away to have the crown reattached.

Broken Braces/Wires
For exposed or broken braces or wires, use the eraser end of a pencil to reposition them. If you’re unable to get it back into place, use some orthodontic wax with a cotton ball or gauze to cover the exposed end. Never cut an exposed or broken wire since you can accidentally swallow it. Contact your dentist or orthodontist as soon as possible to have the braces or wire fixed.

Abscesses are painful swollen pimple-like infections that appear on your gum tissues. To relieve the pain and swelling, rinse with a salt water mixture a few times a day. See your dentist as soon as you can to have it checked out since abscesses can spread to other areas if left untreated.