Wisdom Tooth Extraction in North York, Toronto

At Skymark Dental Centre, the health of your smile is our first priority. This means whenever possible, we will always try to save a tooth. However, in certain circumstances, such as severe decay, infection, or if the roots are heavily damaged, a tooth can't be saved and has to be removed.

Another common reason to extract a tooth is if it's an impacted wisdom tooth. An impacted wisdom tooth becomes problematic when it fails to erupt properly, such as growing out sideways. This abnormal angle can cause pain, discomfort, inflammation, swelling, and even cysts to develop. Because of their location at the back of your mouth, impacted wisdom teeth are also harder to clean, increasing the risks of oral health problems. To prevent such complications, we may have to remove the wisdom tooth to preserve the wellbeing of your mouth.

To determine if a tooth has to be extracted, Dr. Rick Kochman will perform a thorough examination of your mouth. Using the latest tools, such as digital X-rays, we will be able to get an in-depth and up-close look of your teeth and gum tissues. If a tooth does have to be removed, you will be given an anesthesia to ensure your surgery is comfortable and pain-free. Sedation is also an option for patients who have a low tolerance for discomfort or who are highly anxious. Skymark Dental Centre will work with you to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in North York, TorontoWisdom Teeth Extraction in North York, Toronto

Tooth Extraction in North York, TorontoDental Extraction in North York, Toronto