Orthodontics & Functional Orthopedics North York, Toronto

Despite our wishes, most of us are not born with perfectly straight smiles. Dental problems, such as overcrowding and misalignment are common issues that people have to deal with. These issues can lead to speaking and chewing difficulties as well as low self-esteem. To help prevent this and correct misalignment and overcrowding, Skymark Dental Centre offers comprehensive orthopedics and orthodontics treatments.

Orthopedics is the first step of orthodontic treatment which usually begins earlier to promote optimal tooth and jawbone development. The majority of bite issues often occurs from environmental factors, such as poor tongue position or enlarged tonsils, As a result, it’s important to prevent such factors from negatively impacting the development of the patient’s teeth, jaw, and facial structure. Orthopedics usually involves using retainers and other short-term oral devices to encourage optimal facial development. In fact, successful orthopedics can prevent negative future complications, such as bite problems, TMD, and sleep apnea.

If required, orthodontics may be recommended which is more extensive and involves having braces bonded to the patient’s teeth. The braces are semi-permanent and allow for greater control to shift the teeth into optimal alignment. Depending on the severity of the dental issues, the patient may have to wear braces for several years. Regular adjustments will be needed to ensure that the treatment is going according as planned.

Once your braces are removed, we will give you instructions so that you can retain your healthy straight smile. A retainer will have to be worn for a period of time so that you can achieve the best results. Dr. Rick Kochman, dentist in North York, will examine your mouth and work with you to create the perfect smile. Contact our practice to speak with us and learn more about our orthodontic treatments. We are located at the corner of Don Mills and Finch in the Skymark Plaza with plenty of free parking.